Lily Evans (charmedlily) wrote,
Lily Evans


First of all, I'd just like to say that I did not get to name the puppy. Yes, it's a horrid thing. My cousin's sister, who is also my cousin (of course...) named it. And I do not like the name. It sounds boring to me. They named her "Mandy". Honestly. I suppose it's not bad or anything, but I would have much rather named it Snuffles or Padfoot like Remus and Black suggested instead of having the poor dog named Mandy. Of course, maybe I should have been named something else as well. Like ... Wioletta. I dunno. Something that isn't as boring as "Lily". Gah.

Second. James Potter is not himself. I believe that he's very ill; or knocked out somewhere and this insane person, who for some reason, wishes to act as him. You have been warned. -- And if it turns out that the git has been found under his kitchen sink, then I deserve some credit. Thank you.

PS - Going shopping later today.
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