Lily Evans (charmedlily) wrote,
Lily Evans

House of Black

James Potter is a horrid boy. I think I hate him more than ever. I mean, he's gone against all kinds of his peers before, but not his friends. Not that I know of, anyway. And then, today he let Black, who had gotten himself drunk, just walk off! A drunk man can not walk that quickly. Why didn't Potter go after him? Soon enough, Potter will be hexing them! Figures. All this time Potter has just been training up so he can be a one member act. He'll rid himself of his friends! I hate him.

So, Black was someone to be worried about. We did end up finding out where he went off to. Narcissa's. I suppose that it was just a "he's family, and even if he's a traitor, I have to take him in" thing. Narcissa seemed like she did well with it. I'm sort of surprised with how she acted. But, that's just me. Maybe it's the whole muggleborn thing that changes everything. Anyway, I wonder if I should still worry about Black. He's in a house, in a bed, and all -- but the Black family! Didn't they disown him or something? Won't they all set him on fire while he sleeps? He's helpless and drunk. I think he's a fool, yes, but the poor man doesn't deserve to be murdered. I feel sort of bad that he had to go back to that house, though. I think it'd be the last place he'd turn to, so he must've not wanted to go to Remus's or Peter's once he left James's. But then again, doesn't Sirius have his own place? Maybe Narcissa's house was just closer, and he couldn't walk anymore.

I still feel guilty. But it's not my fault, is it? I'm not the prat that didn't give Sirius a bed. -- Well, he didn't ask for one. So what does it matter? He asked Potter. Godric, I hate Potter.

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