Lily Evans (charmedlily) wrote,
Lily Evans

Drinks and Dogs

The strangest thing happened. Sirius had said, "Keep your door open Lily. You're taking in a stray tonight," earlier today when he was convincing me to let him come to my house so I would drink some wine with him. I'd say that it's just a coincidence, but I can't help but think it's rather odd.

You see, after I was done making plans with Sirius, I went downstairs and was sitting in the living room. Then, Petunia hurried into the room and started ranting about some stray being in the yard. I suppose some people might think I'm an idiot for going out there, but I did. And I truly don't see the harm in it. There was the cutest black dog I had ever seen! I played with it for a long time, but then it was starting to get later, so I headed inside, but the dog started whining. Ohmygod, that dog was just too hard to leave there. I stayed out there a bit longer, then I tried to go in again, but he did it again. Godric. I'm hopeless. I stayed out there until Petunia announced that she was going to bed. This reminded me that Sirius was supposed to be coming over. I had gone inside to make sure Petunia was in bed, and the dog didn't whine about it.

The strange thing is that when I went back outside, the dog was gone, and Sirius was just walking around the corner, grinning like mad. Strange man, he is. Luckily he seemed to have lost the fan girls at some point. Too bad that I couldn't show him the puppy. -- Now we're just sitting here, at the couch, and he's already got his glass of wine. Imagine that. I'm sitting here with a prankster. And I'm drinking wine with him. Oh, this is too great.

... I do miss that puppy though.

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