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Lily Evans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Lily Evans

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New Place [30 Aug 2005|12:36am]
Right. Well, I'm at the new place... That being Remus's place. -- Or I suppose it's his uncle's? Ah well.

I'm just keeping my stuff in my trunk. I'm not sure how long I'll be staying here. I really am thankful that Remus could take me in, though. I think I figured out that I'd much rather live with guys than be living with girls. I'm not sure why. I just do.

Petunia had a strange reaction to me leaving, oddly enough. She just sort of stared at me when she caught me packing, and then she got really worked up, thinking that Hogwarts was possibly starting early. I just told her that I was going to stay with someone else, and then she just sort of stared at me some more, then walked off. As much as I can't stand her sometimes her, I still love her. If that's possible.

And, Godric. I was just out walking around today, and the date suddenly hit me. It's the 30th of August! Where's my letter?! I hope there's not any problems at school. Maybe the school has just been busy with all the news of that crazy dark wizard who's running around. Hogwarts is the safest place that I know of, though, so I think it will all work out.

... Maybe that's where Sirius went. To Hogwarts. I didn't know if we were allowed to just show up... -- Of course, he could be somewhere else. Or ... nowhere...

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Moving Out [26 Aug 2005|04:30pm]
Alright. I really tried. But after a while, you sort of figure out that some things can't be helped. I can't stay in this house any more. It's driving me mad. I'll be at the Leaky Cauldron until I find another place to stay. Honestly. This is hopeless. I couldn't stay with Vernon-crazy Petunia, and I can't stay with my muggle friends. I think I'll stay at the Leaky Cauldron until school starts, then when it gets out, I'll buy an apartment.

Seems like a nice plan to me.

On another note, it's really not any of my business, but Sirius and Remus had the same idea, I suppose. Theirs is more of a runaway idea... but, eh. I wish they'd just get over everything and be those great friends that they always were. Gah. Men are such babies. Backing off too easily. Wait. That would be calling Potter a better man. What the hell... Nevermind. Really. I never wrote this.

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Bad Day [24 Aug 1997|03:07am]
Private to Self.Collapse )

Well, I woke up this morning and had the friendly greeting of, "LILY! GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND CLEAN THIS UP! AND WHO WAS -?" then Vernon walked into the room, pulling on his knickers. Sirius was trying to hurry out, I suppose. I never even thought about what would happen in the morning. Just the drinking, then possibly passing out, and it ended there. Gah. It's my fault. I cleaned it up with my wand though, so no problem there, except that Petunia shrieked every time I lifted my wand...

I'm not feeling too well. Then again, I don't think I've ever felt perfect to begin with. black being drunk is a funny thing, you know. And for any of you beasts out there, I'll have you know that the whole thing was just as friends. Don't even attempt to pull some bloody joke about it.

Anyway, I want to move away from the topic of drinking. Shouldn't we have our letters by now? I just want to know that I can get out of this house. My parents aren't around anymore. They're both off, doing their own things. So, I'm stuck with Petunia, who's always with Vernon, it seems. And this means that I'm either alone or getting yelled at. Ugh. It's just getting worse. Maybe I'll stay at the Leaky Cauldron until school starts up. I really don't think I can take another day of this.

I think I'll go to sleep now. And just ... I dunno. Try to ignore that when I wake up I'll still be having all the problems. Eh. Good night, everyone.

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Drinks and Dogs [23 Aug 1977|12:26am]
The strangest thing happened. Sirius had said, "Keep your door open Lily. You're taking in a stray tonight," earlier today when he was convincing me to let him come to my house so I would drink some wine with him. I'd say that it's just a coincidence, but I can't help but think it's rather odd.

You see, after I was done making plans with Sirius, I went downstairs and was sitting in the living room. Then, Petunia hurried into the room and started ranting about some stray being in the yard. I suppose some people might think I'm an idiot for going out there, but I did. And I truly don't see the harm in it. There was the cutest black dog I had ever seen! I played with it for a long time, but then it was starting to get later, so I headed inside, but the dog started whining. Ohmygod, that dog was just too hard to leave there. I stayed out there a bit longer, then I tried to go in again, but he did it again. Godric. I'm hopeless. I stayed out there until Petunia announced that she was going to bed. This reminded me that Sirius was supposed to be coming over. I had gone inside to make sure Petunia was in bed, and the dog didn't whine about it.

The strange thing is that when I went back outside, the dog was gone, and Sirius was just walking around the corner, grinning like mad. Strange man, he is. Luckily he seemed to have lost the fan girls at some point. Too bad that I couldn't show him the puppy. -- Now we're just sitting here, at the couch, and he's already got his glass of wine. Imagine that. I'm sitting here with a prankster. And I'm drinking wine with him. Oh, this is too great.

... I do miss that puppy though.

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Doctors and the Pants [17 Aug 1977|04:18pm]
Today was a bit awkward. I'm not sure if pureblooded (or even some half-blooded) wizards have to go to any sort of muggle doctor at any time. I suppose they wouldn't; since their results of blood tests would come back saying, "They're sick! Dying! Go give them lollipops and pretend everything's all right!" Bah. I dunno. I'll have to look into it. Whenever they take my blood, the results are normal. Most of the time. I don't think it's something to be ashamed of. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. Hm.

Anyway, this whole doctor thing was because my sister and I had to go for a well visit. We haven't been to one in years. Really pathetic. All they do is knock against your knees, make sure you're not going to kill yourself... That sort of thing. I went into a different room than my sister when it was time to get started of course. And then we were told to change into gowns, which are really disgusting because there's been so many bodies in them. Ugh. I went along with it anyway. The doctor started talking about all kinds of pointless things. I've heard them all before. "Never get into a car with a stranger. Don't even come within a distance that they could grab you." Well, that'd be helpful if there weren't better ways to do it. Like making their head burst into flames... Or something. Ha. Then the doctor asked if I had ever been touched in any wrong way, and after staring at her for a minute, I just told her no. I mean, I suppose if Vernon puts his hand on your shoulder, you shouldn't consider that to be wrong? Ah well. I think my shoulder is still not as clean as it could have been.

Eventually, the doctor asked if she could go below, which is something that I really didn't want happening. So, I just said no to that as well. The doctor was good about it, and shrugged it off and just said, "When you're ready to, that will be fine." I wasn't sure if she had listened to what I had said at first, but she just left it at what she had said, and didn't dare to ask me again. Good of her, too. The way she said, "When you're ready to," was like having some ... sex talk with a parent. Awkward. Just staring. At least it's over now. After that bit, I just had to get some blood taken. The nurse who was doing that treated me like a four-year-old. She started saying, "Oh! It will only feel like a pinch!" I've heard that before... I swear, I glared at her during the moments that she was trying to find which arm would be best to take the blood from. And then she just jabbed it in, and oddly enough, I didn't get to even wince. Whatever. My arm bruised slightly. I have a blue-ish purple spot on my arm. Ha.

Turns out that my sister didn't deny the request to be checked "below", and she came out complaining about her boobs. Nice. Vernon, who had come along for no true reason, didn't seem to mind. I was just annoyed, though.

We didn't go straight home after that. We went shopping instead.

We saw some pants at the beginning. Petunia wanted them, but Vernon said that they cost too much, and so, she couldn't have them. She pouted about it, but eventually just became quiet about it and bought other things. I bought some chocolate for Remus, a jacket, some shoes, and a hat. Vernon bought a case of muggle tools -- hammer, wrench, that sort of thing. I don't see why he chose that of all things, but I suppose it was just what he wanted. Petunia bought a lot of tops,a skirt, and two pairs of shoes. We were about to leave when we saw a woman looking at the pants that Petunia had wanted. Petunia turned red, and Vernon tried to say a million things, but failed to say any of them. I just sat back and watched. Petunia went over to the woman and snatched away the pants, and at that point I thought that we were going to be booted out. But nothing happened, except for the woman snatching them back and shouting at Petunia some other language. I was starting to feel guilty for not pulling Petunia away, but it was just ... I dunno. I didn't want to pull her away. I'm not sure why.

Petunia and the woman started to argue, but I don't think they even understood each other. And this was all getting really stupid. Petunia wasn't thinking, by the look of it. The two girls continued to argue, then finally the woman tossed her arms up, screaming something, then just walked away, leaving the pants with Petunia. I was thinking that someone was going too come and scream at us for making a scene. No one did, though. Well, at least no one said anything. Everyone seemed to be staring at Petunia. Vernon bought the pants for Petunia, and I just continued to stand there, wondering if, when we left the store, we'd be attacked. It went well enough, though. I mean, we got out without being attacked. And such. I think I'll turn red every time I see Petunia wearing those pants, though...

Overall, I'd have to say that today was fairly amusing; though I wish that it could have been more of an ... innocent day? Hm. How do I put it?

PS; Do not touch me. I can kick and bite and hit. And scream. Mustn't forget that last one.
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An Owl to Remus Lupin [17 Aug 1977|04:09pm]
A letter and some chocolate has been delivered to Remus Lupin.Collapse )
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House of Black [16 Aug 1977|02:20am]
James Potter is a horrid boy. I think I hate him more than ever. I mean, he's gone against all kinds of his peers before, but not his friends. Not that I know of, anyway. And then, today he let Black, who had gotten himself drunk, just walk off! A drunk man can not walk that quickly. Why didn't Potter go after him? Soon enough, Potter will be hexing them! Figures. All this time Potter has just been training up so he can be a one member act. He'll rid himself of his friends! I hate him.

So, Black was someone to be worried about. We did end up finding out where he went off to. Narcissa's. I suppose that it was just a "he's family, and even if he's a traitor, I have to take him in" thing. Narcissa seemed like she did well with it. I'm sort of surprised with how she acted. But, that's just me. Maybe it's the whole muggleborn thing that changes everything. Anyway, I wonder if I should still worry about Black. He's in a house, in a bed, and all -- but the Black family! Didn't they disown him or something? Won't they all set him on fire while he sleeps? He's helpless and drunk. I think he's a fool, yes, but the poor man doesn't deserve to be murdered. I feel sort of bad that he had to go back to that house, though. I think it'd be the last place he'd turn to, so he must've not wanted to go to Remus's or Peter's once he left James's. But then again, doesn't Sirius have his own place? Maybe Narcissa's house was just closer, and he couldn't walk anymore.

I still feel guilty. But it's not my fault, is it? I'm not the prat that didn't give Sirius a bed. -- Well, he didn't ask for one. So what does it matter? He asked Potter. Godric, I hate Potter.

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Argh [15 Aug 1977|07:01pm]
First of all, I'd just like to say that I did not get to name the puppy. Yes, it's a horrid thing. My cousin's sister, who is also my cousin (of course...) named it. And I do not like the name. It sounds boring to me. They named her "Mandy". Honestly. I suppose it's not bad or anything, but I would have much rather named it Snuffles or Padfoot like Remus and Black suggested instead of having the poor dog named Mandy. Of course, maybe I should have been named something else as well. Like ... Wioletta. I dunno. Something that isn't as boring as "Lily". Gah.

Second. James Potter is not himself. I believe that he's very ill; or knocked out somewhere and this insane person, who for some reason, wishes to act as him. You have been warned. -- And if it turns out that the git has been found under his kitchen sink, then I deserve some credit. Thank you.

PS - Going shopping later today.
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A Dream, a Puppy, and Potions [14 Aug 1977|11:38am]
Last night I had a dream about something really strange. Quidditch. Well, I think it was quidditch anyway. But the flying part didn't scare me out of my mind... So, I'm not sure. Brooms, flying, and a huge bludger trying to murder me. I don't think it was such a nice dream. The bloody thing must have rammed into me a million times, then I fell, and then I woke up with a puppy on me. Yes, a puppy. I didn't have a clue what was going on.

Turns out that my cousin's girlfriend bought the dog for my cousin, then my cousin just brought the dog home and left it there. Basically, he didn't want it. So, now I get to take care of it. For now. It's a little black puppy; and my dad says that it's sure to be huge once it's grown. My sister didn't seem to like the puppy much. Vernon turned that horrible shade of red when he saw it, which was sort of amusing. Anyway, here I am. The puppy won't stop chewing on me. I keep telling it to knock it off. My dad suggested that I press down on it's tongue whenever it tried that? All right. That's what I'm doing. The puppy is cute, sure, but it chews on everything. I can't help but love the hell out of it...

Something is wrong with me. And I have to remember that when Hogwarts starts, I have to leave the puppy behind. Gah. I want to take it with me.

I'm feeling sick again. None of the muggle medicines are helping it. Anyone have an idea on what to do about this? I think I'll try to go to Diagon Alley to try to get some new potions supplies. Nothing that I have would help with this.

PS - Anyone want to offer a name for the dog?
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Ow [13 Aug 1977|06:53am]
[ mood | Sick ]

Good morning. Whoever may be reading this, it's very likely that I hate you. Go away.

I'm not a morning person. At all. I woke up down in the dining room, under the table. I don't know how I got there. I sat up and hit my head against the top of it. Inches away from a few lazily hammered in nails. Tables are dangerous. Very, very dangerous. Evil tables. I feel ill. That is all.

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Muggles and Tea [12 Aug 1977|02:14am]
[ mood | So bored... ]

All is boring over here. I wish there were other wizards and witches around the area I live in. Sure, there's some awfully nice muggles around here, but what good can come of literally making your mother hide your wand from you so that your not tempted to start hexing your sister? The worst part is that I always seem to find my wand when Petunia has just gone too far... She dragged Vernon (Yes, what kind of name is that?) to some sort of tea party that we all had just recently. That's her fiancé. He's a bloody idiot. At least there's no date set for a wedding yet. Maybe they'll call it off before they get a chance to say their vows. If only someone could see the way they look at each other! It's completely mad. They just stare at each other. For minutes, at times. I just wish that I could grab at them and start demanding that they tell me what exactly they're plotting. Perhaps they're wondering just how horrid their spawn will be. Ugh. I'll be the aunt of a monster.

About the tea party -- it was a big family thing. Really boring until my mum spilled hot water on Vernon, who burst into tears, but only after his entire face went red. The usual stories were passed around the table. Petunia's engagement, education, careers and all. Apparently, my uncle is bent on my working in his shop. I know that I probably shouldn't think so lowly of his work, but godric! I'm glad that I don't have to have a muggle job. Ever. If I don't want one, that is. And I don't. So, that leads me to the whole career path business. Back in fifth year, we had to do the career advice thing. Lot of good that did me. I'm still not sure about it all. I mean, really. Being a Healer is pretty appealing. Then again, working within the Ministry sounds interesting too. I'll be trying to straighten it all out this summer. If I go back to school, still unsure of what I'm going to do once the year is over, what would become of me? Most students know exactly what they want. I'm going to have a breakdown...

On an entirely different note; I've always had a hunch that the marauders didn't lose touch over the summer. There'd be too little time on the train to be able to get that close together all over again. Now, I know that it was right, though. Black is staying with Potter. And it seems that they keep up their disturbing acts. Black has confessed to walking about naked. It's not hard to believe. For all that anyone knows, all of them (or are only two of those fools staying together?) are strolling about the house, flashing eachother. Ugh. Immature prats that will never learn to grow up.

Mm. Petunia is attempting to kill the owl. Must run.

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