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Muggles and Tea

All is boring over here. I wish there were other wizards and witches around the area I live in. Sure, there's some awfully nice muggles around here, but what good can come of literally making your mother hide your wand from you so that your not tempted to start hexing your sister? The worst part is that I always seem to find my wand when Petunia has just gone too far... She dragged Vernon (Yes, what kind of name is that?) to some sort of tea party that we all had just recently. That's her fiancé. He's a bloody idiot. At least there's no date set for a wedding yet. Maybe they'll call it off before they get a chance to say their vows. If only someone could see the way they look at each other! It's completely mad. They just stare at each other. For minutes, at times. I just wish that I could grab at them and start demanding that they tell me what exactly they're plotting. Perhaps they're wondering just how horrid their spawn will be. Ugh. I'll be the aunt of a monster.

About the tea party -- it was a big family thing. Really boring until my mum spilled hot water on Vernon, who burst into tears, but only after his entire face went red. The usual stories were passed around the table. Petunia's engagement, education, careers and all. Apparently, my uncle is bent on my working in his shop. I know that I probably shouldn't think so lowly of his work, but godric! I'm glad that I don't have to have a muggle job. Ever. If I don't want one, that is. And I don't. So, that leads me to the whole career path business. Back in fifth year, we had to do the career advice thing. Lot of good that did me. I'm still not sure about it all. I mean, really. Being a Healer is pretty appealing. Then again, working within the Ministry sounds interesting too. I'll be trying to straighten it all out this summer. If I go back to school, still unsure of what I'm going to do once the year is over, what would become of me? Most students know exactly what they want. I'm going to have a breakdown...

On an entirely different note; I've always had a hunch that the marauders didn't lose touch over the summer. There'd be too little time on the train to be able to get that close together all over again. Now, I know that it was right, though. Black is staying with Potter. And it seems that they keep up their disturbing acts. Black has confessed to walking about naked. It's not hard to believe. For all that anyone knows, all of them (or are only two of those fools staying together?) are strolling about the house, flashing eachother. Ugh. Immature prats that will never learn to grow up.

Mm. Petunia is attempting to kill the owl. Must run.

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