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charmedlily's Journal

Lily Evans
4 March

when you dig my grave
could you make it shallow
so i can feel the rain

Name; Lilian Audrey Evans.
Nicknames; Lily, Lils, Lil, many things due to her hair, and the worst, "Mudblood".
Birthday; March 4th, 1960.


Personality; Lily’s personality is, to say the very least, vivid. She has a fiery temper, which is about as tamable as a wild tiger – and just as easy to aggravate. It’s always best to steer clear of Lily when she’s angry and although she is quick to calm, what happens within those few minutes of fury, she has little control over. Perhaps the biggest downside to Lily’s rage is the fact that she has a terrible conscience. While she is in a state of wrath, she feels little or no guilt for her actions… But afterwards, she is overcome with such strong remorse, she sometimes finds herself worrying for days… That’s Lily for you though, caring much too much for her own good.

Miss Evans was placed in the Gryffindor house – and there was good reason for that too. This young woman has a heart of steel – there isn’t much of anything that can wreck her nerves… Well, no. That’s a bit of a white lie. Sort of. Lily is very brave – but not in the sense that you might think of it in. She knows how to stand up for herself and what she believes in. She is very opinionated and stubborn and isn’t afraid to let the world know how she feels. In the face of danger, she is always ready to think quickly – her mind works best in tight situations… Except when it comes to love.

Lily’s one true fear is love. Strange? Yes. But she’s got a bit of a nervous habit of skipping out when things start getting heavy… She’s almost like a man, in that sense. It’s a bit pathetic, really, but she can’t help it. She went to a muggle psychiatrist once (her parents made her do it) and he had told Lily that it all spawned from something to do with bad relations with her sister… She wasn’t entirely sure what he was talking – some medical mumbo-jumbo but it had made sense at the time. Up until recently, Lily hadn’t been in a relationship longer than eight months. However, you must remember that Lily is only sixteen at the moment. She has time to start taking things seriously.

But other than that, Lily’s a nice person. She’s caring, loyal, intelligent, dedicated, and fun-loving… Many of her friends have described her as a big-hearted teddy bear (but never to her face, of course – Lily wouldn’t stand for such ridiculous banter!) She may her faults; she may be stubborn, quick to anger, slightly obsessive, and a little bit judgmental … But somehow she makes up for it and always manages to prove herself of her roots; a true Gryffindor.


Appearance; Lily is pretty. Very pretty. Unusually pretty. Classically pretty. Strikingly pretty… Which ever way you look at it, it’s still the same. She is most definitely pretty.

Standing at rather short 5’4”, Miss Evans is fairly short in stature… Something that annoys her to no avail. Lily hates being short – she loathes it. When she was a little girl she was treated like she was ‘oh-so-cute’ and ‘just an ickle wittle baby child’… No. Just… Just no. That wasn’t Lily was at all – she found that her appearance and small frame brought about a very wrong first impression. And she hated it. But, like everyone does, she did eventually learn to love herself – but not after trying to use several faulty growing potions and spells.

Much like her small height, Lily has a small physique. Her figure is perfectly in proportion with her build – not overweight, not underweight… Just smack dab in the middle. Very average. And that is one thing Lily doesn’t mind about herself. She enjoys being average – it’s healthy. She isn’t the sort to starve herself to get painfully skinny… Quite frankly, she doesn’t care very much about her physical appearance and takes on a very happy-go-lucky attitude towards things. In her mind, all is well and good as long as she can keep herself are happy. No worries!

Lily’s most outstanding features lie upon her face. She has a slightly rounded face with a prominent chin, thin pink lips, and a cute pointed nose – but that’s not quite the points of interest. Her hair, for one, draws a lot more attention than anything else does. A little bit frizzy and a lot a bit thick, Lily has brilliantly crimson hair that falls just past her shoulder blades in often-messy waves of color. Her hair is most unique in its shade of red and points quite directly to a slightly Irish heritage. More than anything about herself, Lily loves her hair. It’s so fantastically unique – being a red-head was something she initially had to get used to, but once she accepted it she quickly found there was nothing bad about it! Except for the fact that when you were trying to hide from someone in a large crowd, you were rather easy to identify… But that’s another issue entirely.

Contrasting her bright red hair is Lily’s pale, almost ivory colored skin. It’s pretty. For the most part… Well, actually, during the summer, if she isn’t careful is can turn the most dreadful shade of hot pink – Lily learned the hard way that she couldn’t tan. And then, if she gets embarrassed or extra flustered, it’ll become this hideous shade of ruby-red… Lily hates getting embarrassed – not only because it’s not exactly a fun experience but because of the way she looks for hours afterward… It makes her feel terrible self-conscious – and that’s never a good thing, especially when it comes to Lily.

But perhaps Lily’s most remarkable feature is her eyes. Occasionally hidden beneath strands of crimson hair, they’re a stunningly sharp shade of green that often demand honesty. Lily is very at speaking through her eyes, whether she likes it or not. She’s not terribly good at containing her emotions so if she’s angry, unhappy, sad, or joyful, it can most definitely be seen in her eyes or heard in her voice – a fact that makes her a terrible liar.

Over all, an attractive young woman, Lily has proven herself pretty. Yep, I’m afraid we’re back to that overused adjective again – more than anything, Lily is pretty.


Background; Lily was born March 4, 1960 to Lindham and Rose Evans. Her parents were both Muggles, was is her older sister, Petunia. Her family was of almost entirely Black Irish descent, so her fair skin and red hair made her stick out like a sore thumb. Her father called her his fairy child and thoroughly enjoyed the irony when her magical nature asserted itself. Her childhood was fairly normal, given the adoration of her parents and the envy of her sister. She would have most likely grown into the spoiled brat Petunia claimed her to be if it wasn't for her down to earth nature. She was considered to be a bright child, although with a slightly overactive imagination. This came from her claims of having conversations with the fairies and brownies in her mother's gardens and the ghosts in the attic. (Her parents later apologized when Lily made formal introductions.)

The relationship between the sisters was not an easy one, as Lily tried vainly to win the affection of a sister with no affection to give. When the Letter arrived, it was both a blessing and a curse. While it meant an explanation for her charmed life, it was the axe blow that finally severed any hope of a good relationship with her sister. Petunia, already resentful and bitter, now saw her sister as an embarassment, a freak and something to fear. The tension was high in the Evans household that summer and Lily therefore embraced her new life at Hogwarts with extra vigor and excitement.

She never quite lost that zest for her studies and life as a witch, throwing herself into her studies and everything else with enthusiasm. She spent as little time at home as possible, preferring to spend her summers at friends houses. While it didn't make her parents happy, it at least kepts a relative amount of peace in the household. She was considered to be one of best in her class at charmwork and potions, but finds Arithmacy to be a dismal subject.

She's finally beginning to take a bit of notice of the world outside her circle of friends, and is finding the discoveries to be rather fascinating.